Thursday, 22 March 2012

Webinar - learning new things!

     On Tuesday night, I took part in my first " Webinar" - Best Photo Forward - Refining Photos of Fine Embroidery" and what a terrific experience it was!
The webinar was hosted by Melissa Shanhun of Australia and Jen Weber of Alaska  .
To me, it was fascinating to think that all the participants involved in the seminar were  online all at once from all over the world in different time zones....Norway, England, Australia, Canada, and several points in the US - Hawaii, California, Kentucky, Florida, Chicago -  and there was a live chat to boot.  Melissa was exceptional and did a bang-up job on lecturing and demonstrating various techniques we could use with Photoshop Elements in order to improve our needlework photos, making them look more professional.  Her instructions were clear and the pictures were sharp and easy to see. There were a lot of " aha" moments! It was a packed hour long session with questions and answer times included. Paid up participants have the opportunity of being able to run the video again through Melissa's web site and she is providing a more refined video for purchase in a few days time.  Also included were handouts, coupons, special offers and some additional techniques.  The webinar was a most positive experience and I would highly recommend one of their programs to you.   You can check the web sites linked above for upcoming offerings. Thanks ladies for a first rate program.  It was enjoyable and very worthwhile!

   I am now ready to install my newest version of Photoshop Elements and become more familiar with it before I am soon to embark on an 8 week course on a local level.  So, with a little educating and some serious practice , I am hoping to improve those skills.
     At this point also, I am researching the best camera for photographing needlework,beadwork and textiles that doesn't need a rocket scientist to figure it out.  Any suggestions from those of you with a little more experience in that regard?  Please leave a comment or contact me through my g-mail listed. Any info would be most appreciated.

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