Friday, 8 June 2012

June 8th - World Oceans Day !


Today is World Oceans Day.  A day to bring awareness about conserving our oceans and to celebrate their beauty, their abundance of life and their essential contributions to life on our planet.

I have long had a love affair with oceans, seas and lakes and I can't stress enough how we have to take better care of them.  They are essential to life itself ( 80% of the oxygen we breathe comes from our oceans )  and they are being abused in so many ways.  The carelessness and outright flagrant destruction of coral reefs, pollution and the near extinction of precious sea life plants and animals by mankind is taking it's toll and we need to become more aware of how we can preserve and protect this valuable asset.  To learn more about issues that are negatively affecting our oceans follow this link:

And here are some ideas and solutions
that we as individuals can implement to
contribute to the welfare and preservation
of our oceans:

And yes, this can be textile related too in several ways but in particular,  I would like to salute Paul and Luana Rubin of e-Quilter who have selected Ocean Conservancy as one of their chosen charities associated with their business. 2% of all sales are dedicated to selected charities and my choice, Ocean Conservancy has been ringing up some funds from this girl's fabric purchases (-:  What a win-win situation! 

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