Friday, 5 October 2012

Philosophy Friday - Thanksgiving thoughts

                  " Hem your blessings with thankfulness so they don't unravel "
                                                                                                           - anon

                                                                                             -  photo credit DM Hoover

As we celebrate our Canadian Thanksgiving this weekend  - there are so many things I am grateful for.
  •  To be able to live in a wonderful democratic country and for the freedoms and lifestyle we enjoy.
  • To have the love and support of a close family and loyal fabulous friends
  • To have the comforts of food and shelter
  • To maintain my independence
  • The joy of being able to continue doing the work I love
  • The promise of better health
  • The beauty and miracles of nature
  • Textiles & beads and the pleasures and comfort they bring
  • Music for lifting my spirits and feeding my soul
  • The internet for connecting me to the world
  • ......and so much more.......

    Happy Thanksgiving to my fellow Canucks here and abroad and to the men and women of our Canadian armed forces serving overseas, a special thank you for all you do for us - keep safe and come home soon.





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